2024 HWA Welding Competition

April 6, 2024 at Heartland Welding Academy

Calling All High School Seniors!

Ignite your future with the 2024 Heartland Welding Academy Welding Competition, Andover’s hottest welding competition for graduating students. Test your skills, showcase your talent, and compete for a full ride to our welding academy!

Hone your torch, refine your arc, and join the heat on April 6, 2024 at Heartland Welding Academy in Andover, KS. Get ready to weld your way to victory!

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Top Prizes

1st Place
Full tuition cost covered at HWA, plus a welding hood

2nd Place
Half tuition cost covered at HWA, plus a t-shirt pack

3rd Place
Quarter of tuition covered at HWA, plus a t-shirt pack

All participants will receive a prize

Competition Details

When:  Saturday, April 6, 2024

Where: Heartland Welding Academy

Registration Deadline: Friday, March 22

Registration Fee: $20 for each participant (paid online during registration)

Annual welding competition for high school seniors only!

Each student can register to participate one time


8:30am:  Check-in and welcome
Late registrations accepted if spots still available

9:00am:  Begin welding competition

11:45am-12:30pm:  Lunch (provided)

1:00pm:  Last weld begins

2:30pm:  Presentation


Only 50 total entries accepted.

Only 14 welders will be active at one time.

Welders will rotate in and out on one hour intervals.

Participants must provide their own PPE including: leather work boots, long sleeve shirt and jeans/pants free of holes, rips, and tears, a welding hood, safety glasses, and leather welding gloves.

Prize money can only go towards the cost of attendance at Heartland Welding Academy. Cost of attendance includes tuition, materials, and a tool kit.

No refunds. Prize money is non-transferable. Student must be enrolled and have started their program before June 30th, 2025 in order for the prize money to remain valid.


Contact us today for additional information and details. We look forward to seeing you!