Charles “Chuck” Friedrichs

Chuck Friedrichs
Chuck Friedrichs

Owner/Managing Director/CWI

Teaching others to weld has long been a passion for Chuck. He is from south Texas, but moved to Missouri, where he finished high school. Chuck left college after his sophomore year to attend a welding program. He worked for several years across North America in the pipe welding industry. He then worked for a specialty machining/welding company where he moved up the ranks from technician to Vice President of National Sales.

Chuck has worked in 26 nuclear facilities in North America, is qualified in manual and orbital pipe welding applications, field machining applications and is also a Certified Welding Inspector. He credits these promotions to continued education, professional development and relationships with mentors.

“Welding was the launching pad for all the success I’ve had throughout my career. It gave me a skill that will always be beneficial, and it taught me work ethic. My passion is to teach our students this invaluable skill and how to leverage that knowledge to further their careers.”

When Chuck isn’t helping to educate the next generation of pipe welders, he enjoys hunting, golfing and spending time with family.